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Dental Exam
Older man examining his teeth after dental exam at Rho Family Dentistry in Sacramento, CAA trip to the dentist may not be very high on anyone's list of favorite activities, but it's very important for our oral health. Most people will visit the dentist when symptoms of a problem can no longer be ignored; for example, a toothache. The best way to prevent dental health problems is to see the dentist regularly. Dental exams are most beneficial when they are performed twice a year, and are more than just a checkup. They are a proactive approach to safeguarding your own health.

What to Expect in a Dental Exam

During a routine dental exam, our dentist will typically start by reviewing your medical history and addressing any concerns you may have. The examination involves a visual inspection of your entire oral cavity, checking for signs of cavities, gum disease, and abnormalities.

Dental X-rays may be necessary for a more detailed view, especially if a visual inspection suggests a deeper problem. Our dentist will consider your gum health, existing dental work, and bite alignment, and may also carry out an oral cancer screening. Most oral exams also come with dental cleaning procedures to remove plaque and tartar build up.

Benefits of Regular Dental Exams

Early Detection

One of the biggest advantages of regular dental exams is the early detection of potential dental issues. Dentists are skilled at identifying signs of cavities, gum disease, oral cancer, and other concerns before they escalate into more significant problems. Early intervention not only saves your smile but also prevents the need for more extensive treatments down the road.

Preventing Cavities

Dental exams go hand in hand with professional cleanings, helping to remove plaque and tartar that regular brushing might miss. By tackling these culprits, dental exams contribute significantly to removing the bacteria that can cause cavities. A clean mouth ensures your teeth remain strong and resilient, warding off the threat of decay.

Protecting Gums

Healthy gums are a major aspect of dental health, though patients can often overlook them. During dental exams, professionals assess the health of your gums, checking for signs of inflammation or gum disease. Identifying any potential issues early on prevents gum issues from progressing and affecting the supporting structures of your teeth.

Preventing Oral Cancer

Dental exams include an oral cancer screening, a crucial component often overlooked. Dentists are trained to identify early signs of oral cancer, providing an opportunity for timely diagnosis and treatment. This potentially lifesaving measure emphasizes the comprehensive nature of dental exams beyond just teeth and gums.

Personalized Guidance

Dental professionals are not just there to diagnose; they're your partners in oral health. During dental exams, we offer personalized guidance on oral hygiene practices, diet, and lifestyle factors that may impact your dental health. This information equips you to take an active role in maintaining a healthy smile between dental visits.

By making sure you get regular checkups, you can work towards keeping your dental health at its best and preventing further issues that could possibly stem from undetected dental problems. Contact Rho Family Dentistry today at (916) 562-2755 to schedule your next oral exam.
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