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Multiple Tooth Implant
Sacramento, CA

An example of dental implants at Rho Family Dentistry in Sacramento, CADo you have missing teeth? You are not alone, millions of Americans are missing all of their top or bottom teeth. Here at Rho Family Dentistry, we offer the latest in multiple tooth implant technology to not only restore your smile, but to ensure that it lasts a lifetime.

What Is a Multiple Tooth Implant?

A multiple tooth implant is an advanced procedure that offers a permanent solution to those patients missing more than one tooth. The implant itself resembles a small screw that is anchored within your jawbone. Over the course of several months, it actually fuses to the bone itself. This makes it incredibly stable, so unlike dentures and bridges, there is no risk of shifting or need for complex cleaning. Once the implant is fused, we attach a prosthetic that’s custom manufactured to resemble the size, shape, and color of the rest of your teeth. No one will ever be able to tell you even have an implant!

Why Get a Multiple Tooth Implant?

While dentures and bridges are popular solutions for those needing multiple teeth replaced, they lack the versatility, permanence, and aesthetic quality of implants. Bridges also require your neighboring teeth to be filed down so they can be used as anchors for the bridges. Implants, on the other hand, look, feel, and work exactly like the rest of your teeth. Because they are fused to your jaw, you can actually feel the feedback from chewing. In fact, implants are actually many times stronger than your natural teeth, guaranteeing that they’ll be with you forever! And with a 99% success rate, the procedure itself is one of our most reliable.

Multiple teeth implants can also be critical to maintain the healthy functioning of the mouth. In particular, your back teeth do most of the chewing of your food. Without them, you’re forced to chew with your front teeth - which were never designed for this kind of a task! Using them too much for chewing will damage them too, so getting a dental implant is a great way to protect all of your teeth!

What Is the Procedure Like?

We approach every multiple tooth implant differently because every patient is unique. Typically, the procedure will require multiple visits to our office, but usually, you can walk out the same day with a temporary crown. During the first visit, we will use sophisticated, high-resolution imagery to create a scan of your mouth and jaw. Using these scans as a guide, we craft a specific surgical procedure just for you and then implant the anchors. After that, it will take several months for you to safely heal as the implant fuses with your jawbone. Once fully settled, you can come back to our offices and be fitted with your permanent, custom-made crown!

Smile With a Full Set of Teeth Today!

What are you waiting for? Come into Rho Family Dentistry today and you can walk out with a smile that you can be proud of. Our team of veteran dentists is waiting to help you rediscover a life of confidence, so give us a call now at (916) 562-2755!

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Here at Rho Family Dentistry, we offer the latest in multiple tooth implant technology to not only restore your smile, but to ensure that it lasts a lifetime. Call us today!
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