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NEW! Laser Dentistry

We are excited to offer Our Newest Technological Tool in the office - Dental Laser!Laser Dentistry Instrument shown at Dentist Office
•  Reduce or eliminate bacteria during your cleaning!
•  Prevent cross contamination!
•  Kill bacteria that cause more severe gum disease!

The treatment is painless and takes about 3 to 5 minutes!

Ask any team member how our laser dentistry can help you.

Suffering from Cold/Canker Sores?

We can give you relief with laser dentistry.

Is another cold sore beginning to appear on your lip and you have big plans for the evening? Call us or book an appointment online now. We now provide laser treatments for cold sores.

Woman Holding Sore MouthLASER TREATMENTS—Is not as complex or scary as it might sound. The laser doesn’t actually touch your skin and the procedure is relatively painless (no pain or minimal pain).

We use a precision laser to kill the virus located within the sore, avoiding unnecessary aggravation of healthy tissue and thus allowing your body to heal faster.

It might even be possible for us to stop the cold sore before it develops fully—but only if you call us for an appointment right when you get that tingly sensation on the lips and the sense that a cold sore is coming on. We can treat the area before the outbreak happens.

Anxious about visiting the Dentist?

Woman with nitrous oxide mask over noseNew Service at our Office - Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide, or “laughing gas” blesses patients with its sedative or calming effect while acting as an analgesic by elevating pain thresholds.

Other Benefits:
- Almost eliminates gagging while maintaining protective cough reflex
- Salivary flow and lip/tongue movements are reduced

Ask Dr. Rho about this new service!

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