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Sinus Lift
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Smiling older woman with dental implants from Rho Family Dentistry in Sacramento, CAA sinus lift, sometimes also referred to as sinus augmentation, is a surgical procedure often performed before a dental implant is placed. In the event that you need a dental implant but do not have enough bone height in your upper jaw, you will require a sinus lift as all implants are of at least ten millimeters in scale. The reason for the decrease in bone height may be contributed by the natural loss of teeth; once lost, the tissue beneath is no longer preserved, and the bone begins to shrink and lose strength.

However, not everyone requires a sinus lift, and not everyone needs to get it for the same reasons. You might need to get yours because your sinuses are too close to your jaw. To find out if you need one, you can get in touch with qualified dentists here at Rho Family Dentistry who can guide you.

Types of Sinus Lift Procedures

A sinus lift can be performed in two ways. One is the direct method, also known as the lateral window technique. The other is the indirect approach, otherwise known as the osteotome technique. Usually, this technique is only advised if the sinus floor to be raised is less than 4 mm. The latter is the less invasive of the two procedures.

How is a Sinus Lift Performed?

A sinus lift is a procedure that adds new bone to your upper jaw in between your molar and premolar, where your maxillary sinus rests. This procedure aims to raise the floor of your maxillary sinus with the help of the new bone in order to provide enough room before the placement of the dental implants occurs.

The graft for the surgery is made using bone from a donor, or one of your bones. Upon the procedure's completion, the graft will need time to heal and integrate with the surrounding hard tissue. This may take anywhere between six months to one year to complete, then you are ready for the dental implant.

Indications and Contraindications for a Sinus Lift

As mentioned earlier, the need for a sinus lift is due to decreased bone height. There can be several reasons you have reduced bone height, such as loss of premolars and molars of the upper jaw, tooth loss resulting from gum disease, and reabsorption of bone after tooth loss.

A major contraindication for a sinus lift is allergies. If you are suffering from seasonal allergies at the time of your consultation, you will be asked to return once the season has passed. All of these assessments are made during your initial consultation, and advice will be given to you accordingly.

What to Expect Post-surgery

A sinus lift is a relatively painless procedure; however, post-op care is crucial. You can expect minor swelling and nose bleeds (epistaxis), which will settle down after a few days. In the event your swelling does not settle, and bleeding continues, we advise you to contact our dentist immediately.

A sinus lift is a complicated procedure that requires professional handling and our surgeons are more than qualified to help you. Book your appointment today by calling (916) 562-2755 or visit us at Rho Family Dentistry.

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